EOTP (End of the Project) - Wicket-CRUDr

Meet the elephant in the room, wicket-crudr is pretty dead. After no commits for more than 2 years it still targets wicket 1.5, the latest version of wicket that I used. It still uses Java 7, which might be good for some years at least but I haven’t checked the dependencies in two years either. So after over 9000 lines of code, an oloh-estimated value just above of 100 thousand dollars and lots of fun, I’m officially abandoning the project. If anyone wants to continue and give it an overhaul, just drop me a line.

As I stopped using wicket it just doesn’t make sense to keep this around any longer. I’ll happily help out any volunteer who wants to take over but keep in mind that it’s been more than two years since I thought about this project. The code will remain available at github until redundancy will claim it for recycled electrons.