The Years of Experience Myth @Coding Horror

It’s an article that’s quite old (as in 4 years right now) but holds true even today. Requiring X years of experience in some more or less arcane field or language wouldn’t do the trick. What separates the good developer from a mediocre one isn’t years of experience in a specific field but an insatiable hunger for new stuff and things to learn. It’s the love to sharpen one’s mind understanding new concepts and toys. A mediocre developer will be happy having mastered one specific task and tends to accumulate years of experience without ever pushing the barriers of his or her abilities where a good one would have tried to push back the boundaries of his or her knowledge at all times and thus have adopted new fields and languages. This doesn’t say he or she would constantly change jobs. A good employer for a good developer would allow (and even support and depend on) this hunger and offer sufficient legroom and breathing space within the organization.

You can’t have the cake and eat it. You can’t have a good developer with a sharp mind and expecting he or she was just sitting at one place for years.